What is Aeration?

lawn areationAeration refers to the process of improving the circulation of water and air in a lawn. It is usually recommended that you aerate your lawn every spring season. All you need to do is poke holes all over the lawn at random. You can also remove bits of soil here and there. As a result of digging out soil and punching holes, improved air circulation creates an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow. Such microorganisms help in speeding up the decomposition process. They feed on dead leaves, roots, grass and others hence leading to their decomposition.

How to aerate

This is an activity you can do on your own. All you need is a garden fork. Simply sink it into the soil and shake the handle back and forth. The aim is to enlarge the holes. Repeat this across the entire yard where you have planted grass. Alternatively, get an expert in lawn care to do it for you. You could also rent a commercial aerator. These are readily available from those stores that deal with gardening and lawn maintenance. Professional gardeners can give you more insight on when it is best to aerate and how to go about it.

The following points are worth taking into consideration:

·         Soil type: This determines the number of times you are supposed to aerate. For instance, if the soil in your yard is the clay type, you might have to aerate several times. Twice every year would be ideal. This is because clay compacts easily. On the other hand, if your soil type is sandy, aerate it only once.

·         Traffic: Here, traffic refers to how often people and animals step into your lawns. If you have children and pets, it means there will be a lot of running up and down as they play. There are other areas where you keep passing through. More traffic tends to compact the soil. For such areas, you have to keep aerating.

·         Timing: Choose a day when temperatures are not too hot. As a rule, you should aerate grass that grows during the warm season in spring. Conversely, lawns that grow over the cold season ought to be aerated during autumn.

Ideal conditions for aeration

You are supposed to aerate moist soil. I should not be wet. If you aerate soil that is too wet, it will stick in the aerators. You will have a difficult time aerating your lawn this way. In case of recent rains, postpone the work until when the soil has dried up a bit. On the contrary, if there has been no rains in your region for some time, you need to water the grass lightly at least a day or two before.

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