Tips For Improving The Resale Value Of Your Home

home_resale_valueMake a splash when putting your home on the market with home additions in Arlington, VA. It only makes sense to put a little elbow grease into the property to increase its value. As your largest investment, it is time to add to it. Take from these tips so that you can offer what you already own at a higher price and sell it more quickly.

  • Clean It Up

One of the most important things that you can do as a seller is to clean up your act. And no, this does to mean that you have to quit any bad habits. Just take some time to wipe off and sweep up. Start with the exterior of the home, as this is the first place that people see. Curbside appeal really is a big deal because it makes the first impression. Studies show that once a first impression is made, typically in the first few seconds of meeting, it is extremely hard to change it. So if a potential buyer sees clean new paint and a lush grassy area, he or she is likely to find the good in the rest of the property, and that is a win for you.

  • How To Do It

With a nice addition and a prettier exterior, you can make the home look a lot bigger and brighter than it once looked. Start by renting a power washer and simply rinsing down the outer walls and roof. Read up a bit on how to do this for removing mildew or growth. This is very common in rainy areas. It makes a roof sag over time, is marked poorly on inspection reports, and looks dingy. So just take a few days to clean it off. Buy a non-toxic spray if it is needed and make sure to cover the surrounding plants just in case, so that they flourish during this chemical process.

Once you have cleaned the outside of the house, it is time to get rid of the clutter in the yard and inside. Wider, open spaces make it feel larger and cleaner. So box up the extra books on the bookshelf and DVDs in the entertainment system. And assign a tenant the task of keeping things picked up.

  • Add Some Color

Add some color to make the home addition stand out. Paint the exterior first, to attract attention. Then turn to any inside paint that needs a touch up. Dust it all down and see which areas need better lighting or just better paint.

Just a few changes such as these can improve the look of your home. Add value to your property today with a trip to the home improvement store and a bit of love.

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