Solar Energy Could Be A Viable Option For Your Home

slr81d4As many cities and districts start developing alternative energy solutions, they are starting to promote solar energy to their residents not only as a cost-saver, but as a cleaner source. Going with solar energy can not only help you, it can help local power plants save on consumption costs and resources and make for more efficient power grids in the area. Solar power is a significant investment and it does take some time to get it fully installed, but over the long-term it’s an ideal solution for homeowners who not only want to cut down on power, but even increase the value of their home over time.

Better To Lease Or Buy?

So maybe you’re considering solar power, but you’re wondering whether it’s better to buy the panels outright, or lease them. Leasing is usually the more affordable option because the setup costs and monthly fees are usually lower than buying outright, however there are usually certain fees, contract obligations, and other items regarding termination in the fine print that you should read about. If you’d like to buy solar panels but can’t pay the full price in one payment, you could pursue a loan option or see if the solar power provider offers a lease-to-buy plan where you make monthly payments until the total has been paid, similar to car or house payments.

Cost Savings And Incentives For Solar Panels

Besides saving you on your own power costs, unused power can be contributed back to the local power grid and reused by others through a system called net metering. Since you can’t use solar power at night and still need your home connected to the grid for that period, net metering your home could take a cost of the power you consume when the panels are not running, and deduct it from your regular costs. There are also federal and state tax credits you can claim for using solar power and contributing it back to the community.

Solar Panel Installation Companies

Installing solar panels should be done by a reliable and reputable company whose customers can vouch for their service. You need to make sure you research solar companies that offer a fair warranty, and have installations done by in-house certified technicians who have experience to show on their resumes. Also note that permits are usually required to have solar panels installed on your home, and the installation company can either get them for you, or you can visit your municipal offices and ask how you can obtain one.

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