Simple Tips for Tick and Mosquito Protection

Happy family with a dogMosquitos and ticks can be annoying but they are also carriers of many diseases. Thus, more than annoyance, people need to focus on the dangers these little insects pose to their health. In order to combat the problem of mosquito and ticks, prevention is also better. Here are some prevention tips for mosquito and tick protection -

Tips for Mosquito Protection -

The Holes In Your Garbage Containers Should Be At The Bottom – A lot of people make the mistake of drilling garbage container holes at the sides. This allows water to collect inside the container and is practically a ready invitation to mosquitos.

Clean Drains and Gutters – Set up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your gutters, drains and downspouts with a professional plumbing company. Unclean gutters attract mosquitos and all sorts of insects.

Clean Swimming Pools – If you own a swimming pool, make sure that the water is always chlorinated and the pool is seldom left unclean. When you go away for the weekend, follow these steps or you will return to a mosquito infestation in your pool.

Improve Drainage In Your Property – Especially during the rainy season, there might be particular sections in your property that have a drainage problem. Puddles that do not drain in a few days become a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Keep Water Aerated In Ornamental Ponds – If you have any ornamental ponds, you have to ensure that the water is never stagnant and keeps moving all the time. If you want to keep stagnant water, you must get some mosquito eating fish or the mosquitos will lay eggs in your pond.

Tips for Tick Protection -

Remove Ticks From Children – Apart from checking yourself for ticks and tick bites on a regular basis, you need to check your children as well. If any ticks are found, remove them immediately.

Keep Grass Trimmed Outdoors – If you have a garden, make sure that the grass is always trimmed and shrubs are pruned on a regular basis. Also, if you visit a park, stay away from tall shrubs and grasses.

Wear Insect and Tick Repellants – If you are going out on a camping trip, make sure you wear insect and tick repellant on your skin.

Rodent Control – Control rodents on your property by hiring the services of an exterminator.

Control Ticks on Pets – Ask your vet for the best tick control shampoos for your pets so that ticks can be kept at bay. Don’t let your pets engage with strays on the streets.

You can also contact professionals like Mosquito Squad to make sure your property is free of mosquitoes and ticks at all times.

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