Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchenKitchen remodeling ideas run the gamut from a simple paint job to a complete overhaul including demolition and all new appliances. The overall effect of an open and inviting, functional space is the ultimate goal which is best achieved by using design plan. This plan of attack will most likely start with gathering the best ideas and from there honing in what works best for your particular home.

Selecting the color scheme
Take a look at the color schemes of kitchens that catch your eye. The most common colors include white, gray, red tones and bright greens. Yellows, blues, and orange tones are other popular choices so in truth, the field is wide open when choosing your colors. Unique combinations of colors can be paired for a truly custom look. Nature-inspired combinations are a great choice. This could be sunny yellow paired with clear blue for a country kitchen affect, or bright greens with touches of color to remind one of a spring garden or the planet earth.

Pops of color add the right element of fun in a space that is used frequently and the nice thing about small touches of saturated color is that when included as part of the kitchen accessories and accents, can be changed out when you tire of the look.

Select the base color, then add the colors of the cabinets and finally all the accessories such as curtains, small appliances and kitchen knick knacks.

Consider your counter top options

Granite was all the rage, but there are a number of options for those looking alternatives in counter tops. Marble is a different choice for an upscale client while material such as re-purposed glass or concrete has an appeal to many people who want the DIY look. Dyed concrete has a lot of options. The colors can be matched to practically anything you wish, although currently gray and black concrete are the common choices. This creates an industrial look that is popular and very sturdy.

The eco-friendly choice of repurposed glass has a variety of options for the homeowner. The colors and shape of the glass can enhance the overall design of your home and provide a creative focal point for your kitchen remodeling project.

Increase lighting

Additional lighting is a good way to approach kitchen remodeling in Westchester without breaking the bank. A well-lit kitchen instantly looks fresher. You may be able to add a large window, enlarge an existing window, or install a skylight for more natural light. If you have a private yard space, you can even consider a floor to ceiling glass wall or expanding the kitchen into a indoor-outdoor arrangement with a functional deck space. If going this route, be sure to incorporate a grill, fireplace or other outdoor cooking possibilities.

Maintaining the functionality and intended purpose of your kitchen is the goal, but there are many kitchen remodeling ideas that can get you there. Take into account your personal needs and budget and then create the kitchen of your dream!

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