How To Use A Home Inventory Program

home_inventoryHomeowners run the risk of not being able to report their losses accurately if the home is burglarized or a home fire takes place. There’s no way to remember all the items you own with complete accuracy unless you have a complete record of the possessions you own. This is where home inventory programs come in handy.

Keep track of all your household items and move with confidence by keeping a room by room inventory list. The list can also be used to get an accurate quote from movers of the cost of moving your belongings. Collecting on an insurance policy becomes easier as well when you have a complete list of lost items. Of course if you are the victim of a theft, having an inventory list to refer to makes completing the police report less difficult. Just like there are different uses for a finished inventory list, there are many different types of inventory programs.

Inventory software comes with many varied features. Some programs not only list the inventory, but also keep a complete history of the items’ maintenance or service and repair. Other inventory systems list current policies, the claims history and beneficiaries. You can arrange your property by room, category or value. Add unlimited photos, video and audio tape to the program for a more complete view of your inventory list; available with several programs. There are programs that print out a specific lost list to turn over to the police and insurance companies. All these features sound complicated, but to make the programs more attractive, set-up is easy and tutorials are included.

Many of the programs are easy to navigate and uploading information has been simplified. Be careful when choosing a program; you want to make sure the software will allow the upload of the number of items you want to inventory. Some are made for a limited home inventory, while others are made for a far more expansive inventory.

Almost anyone with a computer can afford one of these software programs with prices ranging from $10 to $49.95. To keep an accurate listing of your property, an inventory program can make it easier to keep your inventory list up-to-date. You can easily delete old discarded items and add newly purchased items. Many of these inventory programs allow the upload of photos and some allow video, which may assist in identifying missing or damaged items if a claim needs to be filed with your insurance carrier.

Home inventory programs can prove to be quite helpful in a stressful situation. Victims of a break-in, house fire or natural disaster do not have the mental calmness to clearly remember items that may have been lost. Referring to the inventory program would eliminate the need to tax their memories. Consequently, any information gathered is accurate and can be used to file a claim, eventually helping to return their lives back to some sense of normalcy.

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