How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Statistics show that anyone reading this article usually falls into three categories of home owners which are:

The do it yourself kind- these are people who plan to repair their basement themselves

The am I being cheated type- those who are wary of construction workers and local contractors and

The scrooges-this doesn’t need much explanation, I guess?

Jokes apart, for whatever reason you are reading this article I would like to make one thing clear which is ” the cost of fixing your basement, foundation cracks or installing waterproofing systems general depends on the amount of work to be done.” But we shall try to approximate the cost of some certain repair jobs to help you make informed decisions when next you need the services of a contractor.

Gutter Repairs- when the heavy rains come which is usually during winter, the gutters around your home will get filled up and spill ground water to your foundation which can lead to seepage problems. The solution for those who already have surrounding gutters is to clean and unblock the water passage ways while for those who have no gutters, the solution is hiring professionals to quickly dig up one before the rains begin. The cost of digging varies but most contractors charge approximately $10-$15 per foot of the digging to be done.

Handling Wall Seepage- in some cases, leaks can be taken care of by the uses of special formulated paint which are designed to seal concrete structures for extended periods. These paints are employed on the interior surface of your basement walls to keep out moisture and water. A gallon of waterproofing paint costs approximately $15-$20 depending on the brand you purchase.

Foundation Crack Repairs- the causes of foundation cracks have already been outlined in our previous articles and the cost of repairing foundation problems vary according to the extent of the damage and work needed to be done to repair them. For minor cracks, sealing tubes can be used to fill and seal them up. These tubes cost approximately $8- $13 but we advice that you call a professional or us at Quality Waterproofing to inspect the extent of your foundation problems.

For the do it yourself kind who want to rent equipment and carry out the repair work themselves, rental would cost you approximately $60-$150 per hour depending on your rental outfit while excavation and full repairs by a professional can come for approximately $5,000-$10,000 depending on the extent of work to be done.

Sump Pump-you could read up on the benefits and use of sump pumps ion previous articles. The installation of a pump requires some excavation and installation but the pump itself costs approximately $100-$500 depending on the brand you purchase while installation for a home which has already been excavated to create a sump pump pit and wired will cost between $2,000-$5,000. A full excavation and installation is quite expensive and this can cost between $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the contractor and site to be excavated. I will be writing a part two for cost estimation but for the main time, we are interested in reading your thoughts, so do not forget to comment below.

Finally, it is advised that all homeowners contact their professional basement contractors or us at Quality Waterproofing if you leave in MD, VA, DC and PA for a rain check on the health of their basements. Why not Call us on 877.897.1957 today for we offer you over 15 years of servicing private and public basement structures on the East coast. Happy Christmas to you all from our team at Quality Waterproofing!!! Enjoy your holidays


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