Haitian Art, With Vibrant Color and Style, Enchances Home Decor

haitianartDecorating with art is an important method of defining personal style. Owners can proclaim their preferences by adding color, substance and character to home decor through the art they choose to display. As has often been said, however, art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, and there are very few “rules.” So, whether you choose to frame your children’s preschool drawings, display colorful and historical Haitian art, or collect iconic Peter Max prints, feel free to indulge your passion for that art.

Within specific general guidelines, home decor should be a reflection of one’s personal style and taste rather than a representation of current trends.

Home should offer protection, both literally and figuratively, for its inhabitants. To perform that task property, home decor must be individually tailored. Effective interior design is appropriate for the location, the architecture, the climate and the status of the inhabitants; primarily, however, it is comforting and soothing for those who live in the space, and welcoming to guests.

Art Still Flourishes in Haiti

Today, particularly since the earthquake which decimated Port-au-Prince and much of Haiti in 2010, the haunting and expressive artwork of that island nation is a good choice for adding art to a home. At once sophisticated and childlike, much Haitian artwork for sale today reflects the country’s traditional themes of history, religious heritage and daily life. Stemming from complex roots, both African and Caribbean, Haitian art offers a perspective of life, people and landscapes that is appealing and stylized.

Unfortunately, much of the country’s art was destroyed in the earthquake. Experts are still working to recover some works and to restore them following the destruction of galleries and museums.

Haiti’s history, born of slavery, gave birth to its artistic tradition as well as to the republic. And its religious traditions, including voodoo, have given rise to much of Haiti’s art, paintings as well as sculpture and carvings made from natural or recycled materials.

Haiti’s surrealistic art has been described by other artists as “sheer wonder,” and it was once noted that more artists were at work in Haiti “than anyplace else on earth.” Visitors to the area invariably return home with examples of the native artwork. Luckily, however, Haitian artwork is for sale without having to travel to the island. While much of the work is in galleries and private collections, it is possible to purchase Haitian art online or through local dealers in many cities.

The choice of art is, once again, a very personal decision. But, if you choose to surround yourself with the vibrant colors, the captivating images, and the pervasive, historical styles of this art, you won’t be making a mistake by keeping your surroundings neutral and your furnishings simple.

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