Finding Great Furniture the Affordable Way

couchIt’s nearly every homeowner’s dream to turn their space into a showpiece worthy of a glossy decorating magazine. Unfortunately, the price tags for all of the furniture, rugs, curtains, and decorative touches that go into those places are high enough to make anyone balk. Gorgeous Atlanta furniture doesn’t need to come with at a heavy cost, though– the secret is knowing where to find it.

The first trick to finding great furniture is to look for pieces that are timeless. Trends always come and go, but sturdy furniture with clean lines in neutral fabrics or finishes is always in fashion. Rather than spending a lot of money on expensive designer trends, frugal shoppers splurge on well-made, timeless furniture that will last for decades. This lets them switch out a few on-trend must-haves each season.

While thrift shops might seem like a natural place to find good furniture on a budget, the truth is that it’s often like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many people choose pressboard and plywood over actual solid wood pieces because of their low cost and ready availability, and these pieces frequently end up in thrift stores. While it is possible to find the occasional score, shoppers shouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the offerings aren’t very well built or taken care of.

Estate sales are another source of good, used furniture. They may be a bit more expensive and competitive than a thrift shop, but they’re also generally worth it. It’s possible for buyers to nab unwanted heirloom-quality furniture with character.

Furniture stores are the easiest way to find quality furniture, but that entails knowing the kind of clientele that a store caters to. Some Atlanta furniture stores sell attractive, low-cost furniture designed for college kids and young couples who may not be willing or able to invest in sturdier pieces. The price might be right, but this furniture often isn’t designed to last. Other furniture stores may sell very expensive designer pieces– sturdily built and beautiful, but expensive and apt to become dated. The trick, especially for homeowners with small children that can be rough on furniture, is to find a happy medium.

High-end furniture stores also occasionally have “scratch-and-dent” sales. These sales attempt to get rid of less than perfect furniture at a steep discount. Often the imperfections are minor (even unnoticeable to the untrained eye), and can be easily repaired by a skilled DIYer.

The biggest trick to having great furniture is styling it. Even an expensive designer couch will look out of place in a room with bare walls and no rugs! With the right pieces, and a flair for style, anyone can have a magazine-quality decorated home.

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