Designing an Amazing Powder Room

powder_roomThere are many instances when we tend to ignore the essence of some of the rooms in our houses. Many people today have understood the real essence of powder rooms and that is why many houses don’t have such rooms. However, if you are building a modern house, this room might be an important addition.

There is no doubt that the powder room is one of the simplest spaces in many houses today. However, its placement near the living room or kitchen makes it one of the most used rooms in the house. Henkel Harris Furniture stores are specialists in offering wide ranges elements that are used in such rooms. You need to make sure that when you are designing such a room you are getting everything right.

Also referred to as the half bath, this room contains only the sink and a toilet and is commonly found on the ground floor for the guests to use whenever they visit. Despite being basic in most instances, you can uniquely design this space to make it more enchanting and interesting. This can be done by incorporating a unique sink or bathroom, a myriad of fun décor and related materials.

Before Designing the Powder Room

Before you can embark on the task of designing the powder room, you have to understand the design elements that you will use. It is also important to think about the mode of use of the room. If the room would not be used every other time, it might not be feasible to feed a lot of money into the entire project. Again, the design that you will adopt will to a larger extent determine where you will find the materials and the experts to work on the job.

What Materials Can You Use In The Powder Room?

It is always awesome to experiment with a range of different materials. However, you have to beware of overkill and make sure that you don’t go overboard. A powder room is generally small and therefore lots of patterns and textures can significantly overwhelm the space. When you are picking materials to use on this project, you ought to avoid combining a wide range of statement pieces. This will only create a disjointed and choppy design. Experts argue that you should only pick one statement element, and then opt for rather subtle materials like stone, granite or marble for the rest of the set.

How Do I Decorate My Powder Room?

Just like the case is for the materials, you have to minimize on the complexity of the final product by keeping décor and colors generally low key. In this regard, you can opt for a subtle color and then add hints of personality with wall arts and bath accessories such as towels and hangers. You can also incorporate a couple of fun elements.

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