Designing Additions To Your Home

deck_4One of the pleasures of owning one’s own home is the ability to transform it, and truly make it the homeowner’s own. A place where its occupants can be comfortable and truly enjoy the entire property, both inside and out, year round.

For more and more homeowners, this includes adding a custom built deck to the property.

Adding a deck? Isn’t that expensive? Dangerous? Unsightly? Is it even necessary if the house has a porch? What are the benefits of adding a deck to a home? A custom designed, professionally installed deck can:

  • add to a house’s selling price
  • add exterior living and entertaining space
  • dress up your property

There are many reasons why homeowners should work with professional custom built deck companies in achieving their new addition. Safety comes first, of course, and professionals are well aware of structure load limits, and the proper building materials to use. Many homeowners don’t realize that decks added to homes must meet building codes. Professional contractors can not only assist clients in navigating through local, state, and federal regulations, but acquire permits for you. And despite what those DIY television shows tell you, many homeowners don’t have an inner Frank Lloyd Wright, waiting for release. Indeed, many self deck building projects end in frustration when the homeowner discovers that what they want is beyond their ability to achieve.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t achieve their dream deck with professional help. One such company that has helped thousands of homeowners since 1980 gain their “dream addition”, is Archadeck. Archadeck is a national franchise whose designers and builders create custom made decks, porches, and other outdoor living spaces. Archadeck contactors work with clients to create the areas that they want to live with. And today, clients have more options than ever in creating these additions.

Decks today no longer need to be just raised wooden structures at the back of a house. They can be ground level enclosures for Jacuzzis and swimming pools. They can be terraced wooden structures to accommodate outdoor furniture and plantings. They can combine the best features of a gazebo and a deck. A custom designed deck can be covered with a roof and fan, to allow for all weather outdoor entertaining, or open, with a traditional built in barbeque.

Archadeck contractors work with clients at all level of the project; helping with structure design, selecting appropriate, high quality building materials within the client’s budget, and not promising results that can’t be delivered. Archadeck projects are also completed on time, with minimal disturbance to the property or its occupants.

So look into having your dream become a reality today by going to

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