Common Repairs for Chimneys

chimneyA chimney is used in the home to channel smoke up and out. A damaged smokestack is a hazard, and it should be repaired before using a fireplace. Having your smokestack inspected annually, by a firm or a company that specializes in chimney repair in Alpharetta, can save your home from smoke damage or house fire. Fireplace safety starts with having a sound place for fire and a chimney system that is operating properly. So if you are a resident of Alpharetta and notice any of the following signs, you need to call in a professional chimney sweep.

Deteriorating mortar joints

Mortar joints start deteriorating when the masonry is exposed to excessive moisture. To spot this, you may need to be on the roof. In this case, the mortar needs to be replaced as soon as you discover this problem so as to avoid the entire smokestack from deteriorating rapidly. Frequent cycles of freezing and thawing experienced in this city cause the masonry to crack. It is advisable to call in a professional instead of handling the problem yourself.

Chimney fire

A smokestack fire can cause house fire thus leading to structural damages. Fire outbreak is an indication that the chimney should be cleaned before using the fireplace again. The following are ways to identify when there is a smokestack fire. To begin with, flames are visible at the top of the chimney. A smoke billowing from this facility is also a sign of fire. The other thing is a rattling sound emanating from the chimney.

Stained ceiling or wallpaper

Stained wallpaper or ceiling is an indication that there is moisture in the chimney. To avoid further damage that moisture could cause to the system, contact a professional company that deals with chimney repairs.


This is the deterioration of flue tiles that begin to break off and fall into the hearth. If the flue is damaged, it has to be repaired before using the hearth again. You have to make sure that there is no evident crack in the liner. This protects the combustible part of the home from the heat produced in the fireplace.


You will commonly notice rust on the damper and firebox. When this happens, it is evident that excessive moisture is entering the smokestack system. In a more serious case, this could be a sign of a cracked chimney crown. This can pave way for water to seep between the smokestack exterior and the flue lining, and this can cause structural damage.

Other signs that indicate the need for chimney repair in Alpharetta include white staining on the system exterior and a cracked crown among others. If you are worried about your chimney’s condition, call in a competent company.

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