Choosing DISH Bundles Today

foua12Searching for Home Entertainment doesn’t have to be a chore. Take advantage of the innovative bundling packages provided by DISH. DISH Bundles just makes more sense, when it comes to today’s hectic lifestyle. Why have services separated when you can have all in one package, on one bill. At DISH we believe in making things easier, convenient, and more entertaining for the average home.

Satellite Options

Our satellite packages have gained fundamental popularity. Households have come to realize that satellite is the way to go.

The Smart Pack

The Smart Pack is a choice that we give customers who simply want only a few channels. It gives you over 50 channels worth of options. These channels contain great variety in news, sports, comedy and drama.

America’s 120

Next we have America’s Top 120, this package gives you a huge channel selection of over 180 channels. Whatever type of entertainment needed, you will find it here.

America’s Top 200

America’s Top 200, demands respect, due to the fact that there is not one type of programming that you will not find, whether it be movies, or educational channels. It contains the NFL Network, Bravo channels, and Disney XD channels and CBS College Sports.

America’s Top 250

But wait, there is also the top notch, all exclusive package, carrying over 250 channels. This package is worth every penny invested. Including the DIY Network, H2, the DIY Network and more. With this choice you will always be up to date with news broadcast from various countries and locations.

The Everything Pak

Saving the ultimate choice for last, The Everything Pak is supremely equipped, carrying over 350 channels of pure entertainment. If you do not like advertisements, we understand that’s why we’ve included 30 channels that are commercial free. You will never get bored with this package, it is designed for the extreme TV lover!

Don’t forget our popular international satellite TV packages! Two of which are the Hindi Elite Pack and the Arabic Elite Super Pack. The Hindi pack has 10 channels including the Willow Cricket HD, SONY HD, and over 100 free Bollywood films. The Arabic package has more than 25 channels, including MBC Drama, ART Movies and more!
No need to worry about finding an internet service, because this choice offers you bundling, which also includes your phone.

Internet Service

The internet packages that we have to offer has speeds up to 15 Mbps. Choosing this option will give your household the fast and superb ability to download, upload, or surf for work or play. Now if you do not need speeds that fast, we also offer the Internet 5. Your daily use may be to check your email or flip through a few web pages. The Internet 10 is a little faster, for example, can be used for social media, surfing the web etc.

Phone Options

DISH partners with a variety of phone providers, those providers include CLEAR, Qwest, and Verizon. May vary with your location.

All three services together, no fuss or separate bills, just convenience and easy access. Now that you know about DISH bundling offers, your next step is to go online or pick up the phone and switch today!

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