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Watch Out For These Problems In Homes

As you spend years in your home, there may be little things that go unnoticed. A small crack develops at the corner of a window. A gap appears between the pavement and the garage door on one side. A window or door gets a little harder to open and close. These things may seem insignificant, […]

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Fencing In Your Yard

There are many different reasons that a person might need to fence their property in. For one, those who have pets and children are in the most need for a fence. However, fencing in a property is also a good way to help increase privacy. There are many things that someone will need to figure […]

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Getting Your House Ready For Summer

Summer is around the corner, and you and your family may be well on your way to preparing for it. Thoughts of the end of school, warmer weather with cooler clothes, and spending time at the beach or pool are probably exciting the whole family. But your summer preparations need to include more than working […]

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Bad Foundation

Common Foundation Problems

Although problems with home foundations are found in all parts of the country for a number of reasons, they are most common in states such as Texas, Colorado, California, Virginia and other with a high proportion of clay in their soil. Inspections of Dallas area homes often reveal common foundation problems. Clay responds to moisture […]

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What is Aeration?

Aeration refers to the process of improving the circulation of water and air in a lawn. It is usually recommended that you aerate your lawn every spring season. All you need to do is poke holes all over the lawn at random. You can also remove bits of soil here and there. As a result […]

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Installing a Sump Pump

When you have a home that is built on a natural spring or you tend to notice a lot of basement flooding, a sump pump can be a welcome solution. A sump pump will pull water out of the foundation, preventing it from flooding your basement. If you lose a basement to water problems, you […]

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How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Statistics show that anyone reading this article usually falls into three categories of home owners which are: The do it yourself kind- these are people who plan to repair their basement themselves The am I being cheated type- those who are wary of construction workers and local contractors and The scrooges-this doesn’t need much explanation, […]

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